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サイトロゴDownload route data (KML file)

・You can download the route data (KML format) for each area by clicking the button below.
・Please use the downloaded data by importing it into an application that supports KML format.

Chiba Pref. Kanagawa Pref. Shizuoka Pref. Aichi Pref. Mie Pref. Wakayama Pref.

サイトロゴPacific Cycling Road Map(A2 size) (Regional map for each prefecture)

Click to go to the regional map for each prefecture

サイトロゴPacific cycling Road Map(A3 size)

Chiba prefecture / Kanagawa prefecture


>PDF for printing Chiba prefecture / Kanagawa prefecture

Shizuoka prefecture / Aichi prefecture


>PDF for printing Shizuoka prefecture / Aichi prefecture

Mie prefecture / Wakayama prefecture


>PDF for printing Mie prefecture / Wakayama prefecture


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